Dec, 2019 - May, 2020

OHQ is a centralized online office hours system designed to help courses manage their in-person and virtual office hour queues. Students can post questions to open queues and check their position in line. Instructors can view submitted questions and meet with students when they are ready. In the Spring 2020 semester, supported over 600 WAUs and 1100 MAUs, onboarded 19 classes in the span of one month. Winner of CIS Senior Design's Social Impact Award.

Technologies: Python, Django, GraphQL, JS, React

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Ĉ++ (Chat++)

Apr - May, 2020

Ĉ++ is a distributed chat application with that supports multiple backend servers communicating internally over multicast and bidirectional streams. All networking is handled with gRPC. Supports distributed voting for chat room entrance and kick. Originally made for the final project of CIS 190.

Technologies: C++, gRPC, Protobuf, Bazel

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Taw Compiler and Interpreter

Nov - Dec, 2019

Taw is a C-like language for which we defined the AST. It supports functions, if statements, for and while loops, external declarations, variable scoping, function pointers, and more. We wrote a pretty printer, an interpreter, a compiler targeting LLVM, and a JIT-compiler with a REPL interface. Originally made for the final project of CIS 552.

Technologies: Haskell, LLVM, Parsec

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Nov - Dec, 2018

PennCloud is a distributed cloud platform with a highly scalable, fault-tolerant key-value datastore at the backend that supports strong consistency, efficient replication, checkpointing and recovery. Used to provide a webmail and cloud storage services. Originally made for the final project of CIS 505.

Technologies: C++, GRPC, Protobuf

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Song Genre Classifier

Oct - Dec, 2018

This project attempts to tackle the problem of song genre classification based solely on lyrics. Used large dataset from and achieved a 65.2% test accuracy when predicting the following five genres: hip-hop, metal, rock, pop, and country. Originally made for the final project of CIS 519.

Technologies: Python, Gensim, NLTK, PyTorch

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Oct - Dec, 2018

Wrote a UNIX-like operating system. Includes programming a priority scheduler, FAT file system, and basic shell with job control and input redirection. Originally made for the final project of CIS 380.

Technologies: C

RAM - Real Money

Jan, 2018

This is a Chrome extension, iOS app, and chat bot that lets you calculate the expected additional credit card interest cost and missed investment gains from making a purchase, based on your banking history. It automatically updates the cost of items in your Amazon cart according to our algorithms. 1st place winner at Capital One SWE Summit Hackathon.

Technologies: Python, Django, Heroku, JS, DialogFlow, Chrome API

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Bandpass Filters

Nov - Dec, 2017

Built an active audio filtering system completely from scratch. An ACDC converter outputs +/- 15 V to power two cascaded, second-order, inverting active filters for the bass and an inverting op-amp followed by two cascaded infinite gain multiple feedback active filters for the treble. Also built an A2D converter which lights up a bar LED according to the amplitude of the bass channel.

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Single or Nah

Nov, 2017

Ever wonder if that one cutie is single? Simply input their Insta handle and get a prediction back in seconds. Analyzes an account through facial recognition and natural language processing. Winner of HackPrinceton's Best Social Media Hack Award.

Technologies: Python, Azure, NLP, Django, Bootstrap

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Airbnb Data Visualization

Nov, 2017

Using Django, this web app explores intersting patterns in a publiclly available dataset of Airbnb listings, as well as predict optimal pricing strategies and potential income. Originally made for a MindSumo challenge.

Technologies: Python, JS, Django, Heroku, Google Maps API, Zillow API

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Aug - Sep, 2017

A foray into Chrome extensions, Tristory displays your history as an interactive, searchable series of trees.

Technologies: JS, D3

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Bugzilla Dup-Detector

May - Aug, 2017

The aim of this project is to predict whether a new bug report submitted to a system such as Bugzilla is a duplicate of a pre-existing bug report/give the user a short list of possible matches. Used gensim's LDA and doc2vec implementation as the backbone of the system. Work done at Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY.

Technologies: Python, TensorFlow, Gensim, NLP, ML


Apr - May, 2017

One of the largest risks for an elderly patient is falling. This app is a simple solution for caretaker's of the elderly to help prevent fatal results if such an accident occurs. Through location tracking, geofencing, and accelerometer analysis, this app is able to alert caretakers when their patients are in danger.

Technologies: Swift, Firebase

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Jan - Apr, 2017

After riding on the school bus from kindergarten through graduation, you notice inefficiencies. Mainly, stopping the bus at every stop regardless of whether a child needs to get off. This app aims to cut out those inefficiencies by providing a simple and secure way for school buses to maximize efficiency by minimizing the number of stops a bus must make.

Technologies: Swift, Firebase, Google Maps API

Cave Crawler

Nov - Dec, 2016

This dungeon-craweler-styled game built entirely in Java started as the final project for CIS 120. You could say I went a bit overboard compared to the requirements.

Technologies: Java, Swing

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Biosensor Research

June - Aug, 2015

Lead research in the development of low-cost, disposable glucose sensors for applications in developing countries. A key result of the study was a novel device that cost an order of magnitude less than the current industry standard with comparable performance. Work was published in the journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics and has been cited 62 times as of 2020.

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Wind Turbine

2014 - 2015

I wanted to build a wind turbine that used the Venturi Effect and a vertical axis after reading some research about the subject. I didn't know anything about wind turbines, or mechanical engineering for that matter, but learned a ton by the end.

Fischfluous Designs

2012 - 2016

Founded one of the first 3D-printed jewelry shops via the infrastructure of, and have steadily been creating countless designs using state-of-the-art CAD software and 3D printers, as well as performing private modeling/design jobs. I've designed everything from wedding rings to a custom piece for David Blaine. I built a website using Bootstrap for the shop.

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